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Asbestos Service

Our Asbestos Services

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Asbestos Garage Removal

If you want just the roof or the whole structure removed, we can help you. Our trained personnel follow our strict procedures of safe practise to remove the asbestos efficiently completely securely. EnviroClear can remove the asbestos walls as well and take down the complete structure. If the walls are concrete we also remove these and can take away the base as well leaving the ground exposed ready for re-turfing or paving.

Asbestos Shed Removal

Whether the shed is at the front or back of the property we can remove it safely. The whole area of the shed will be left clean and tidy ready for re-use. Our team of highly trained personnel work efficiently and effectively to disturb the customer as little as possible.

Paving or Re-Turfing

EnviroClear are proud partners of www.fairoakstreeservices.co.uk who uphold our standards of work and can pave or turf the area left exposed from the asbestos shed. They also offer other garden services to complete the surrounding area and leave you exceptionally happy with the final product.

Asbestos Collection

Whether you have loose sheets of asbestos in the back of your garden or an old boiler cover in your loft. We are happy to collect it, wrap it and dispose of it safely and in the correct way in accordance with HSE legislation. We offer an emergency and out of hours service to make sure that asbestos cannot harm the public and people can feel comfortable knowing the asbestos isn’t around them.


When an asbestos roof is removed, it will leave a perfectly good building without a roof. We offer a re-roofing service and can put a new fiberglass flat roof on which has a guarantee of 20 years. All options are explained to the customer before work starts and all removal and roofing options are available at an affordable price.

Asbestos Ceiling and Floor Tile Removal

In buildings built before the year 2000, many residential properties have asbestos ceiling tiles and asbestos floor tiles. These were used because of their fantastic heat resistant properties and cost-effective nature. However, when drilled into or ripped up the residents of these properties were inhaling harmful and toxic fibrous chemicals. We encapsulate the room being worked on keeping all particles of air contained whilst we are removing and bagging the asbestos. Once work is complete, the room is filtered and cleaned removing all fibres that may have been disturbed during the removal process. This leaves the room clean, tidy and free of asbestos ready for a new floor or ceiling to be put in.

Demolition and Soft Strip Outs

Enviroclear operate in a safe and aware style. This means demolition and soft strip outs are conducted in the best way possible. All the different types of waste (asbestos, demolition waste, residential waste and general waste) are recycled at a registered recycling facility. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Waste Removal

We can clear all general, business and residential waste from you. We will remove the waste at the most convenient time to you and dispose of it at a registered waste transfer station. We are available to work early mornings, late nights and Sundays to be the most convenient company in the area.

Asbestos Surveys, Sampling and Testing

EnviroClear offer FREE advice on asbestos surveys, sampling and testing. Any building built before 2000 is likely to contain asbestos and surveys will highlight this. We can give free advice on the best plan of action to eradicate the dangers and health risks asbestos can have in any property.


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