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Caterham Shed Removal

Last week we were called by a Gentleman
based in Caterham, Surrey who had this
old shed knocking around at the back of his
garden. He had received news that it had
an Asbestos sheet roof and Asbestos walls
and so could no longer use it for storage.
Another issue presented by this shed to the
client was that he felt uncomfortable
entertaining at his home, especially to
those with families as he was wary of the
Asbestos risk presented by having the
shed in the bottom of the garden when
children are running around. If they were to
somehow disturb the Asbestos it can
present serious health risks and implications. Furthermore, the Shed was
taking up unnecessary space, something we could all do with more of, so it had to go.

When we looked at the job we were told that other Asbestos removal firms had turned down it due
to the distance between the shed and access to the van. Asbestos roof sheets and walls can be
very heavy so there is a risk that at some point
during the journey from the working area to the
van it could smash creating a risk to the client by
releasing harmful Asbestos fibres.
However, here at Enviro Clear we have 10 years
of experience and have worked in every manor
of situation. After a thorough risk assessment we
were able to wrap and remove the Asbestos
from the site safely and in accordance with HEC
guidelines. We achieved this by removing the
asbestos in whole sheets avoiding breaking it up
at all, then to be extra cautious we double
wrapped it before moving it at all. This ensures
that no harmful Asbestos fibres will have been
left on the clients property, guaranteeing the
safety of the client.

Just two hours later and the asbestos has
been safely stored in the Enviro Clear van
ready to be taken to a registered facility to be
disposed of correctly and legally. As you can
see in the final picture, the client has now
gained another 3X6M of space in his garden to
do with what he wishes, but at least for now he
is able to entertain guests without this
Asbestos health hazard in the back of his
We have done lots of Asbestos removals
across the surrey area, not just in cater ham
but also Leatherhead, Red hill and Tadworth,
just to name a few


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