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Asbestos Removal Kingston Upon Thames

Fully trained operatives removing Asbestos in Kingston Upon Thames for the last 10 years.

Are you looking to sell you house in the Kingston-upon-Thames area? Have you considered that your house may have been built before the year 200 and therefore likely contains Asbestos?

Enviro Clear understand the dangers of Asbestos and the importance of its safe removal to the
correct facility. After our 10 years of providing people with safer homes there is no challenge to great for the Enviro Clear team. We provide a comprehensive removal and clean of any Asbestos or waste that was in contact with the Asbestos. We are based in the south London and Surrey area however, we have removed Asbestos roofs and sheds across the country

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Asbestos was a very commonly used building material due to its price efficiency, strength, light weight and ability to insulate however, it was banned as a building material in the UK in the year 200 due to the fact it is extremely hazardous when breathed in.

Not only is Asbestos a hazardous material that occurs in thousands of houses across the UK but it also reduces the value of your home! All houses that are put on the market are assessed for Asbestos and if it is found it will decrease the value of your property, so those who’re looking to sell
their houses should not hesitate to get in touch as you could save money down the line!.

If you have any questions or concerns please press the link below to speak to one of our experts or alternatively get in touch via our contact form for a free quote.

Our Services
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Roof Removal
  • Replacing Roofs with any material (fibreglass, tiles, slate, sheets)
  • Asbestos Shed removal
  • Asbestos Sheet removal
  • Asbestos Pick-Ups
  • Dismantle Asbestos Ceilings
  • Replacing Ceilings
  • Asbestos Removal from larger sites such as schools or churches
  • Garden Fences
What to do if you discover Asbestos in your home or business in Kingston-upon-Thames?

Do not attempt to touch or break. Get a professional test to see if it is asbestos.
Call a professional Asbestos removal Specialist like Enviro clear to give you a quote and then remove the hazard safely and following industry regulations.

Call Enviro Clear today for any assistance you require when it comes to your asbestos removal in Kingston Upon Thames.

Additionally, if you would like to ask any questions about our services, please call us today on 07523 603 599, email [email protected] or fill in our online enquiry form and someone will be in touch.


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